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cheaters are basically scum

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I find mannequins kind of hot. Is that weird?
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A default ring tone is heard. 100 moms look at their purses.

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Great pic!


Great pic!

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Anonymous said: "When liberals ask, “how can you be pro-life and pro-death penalty?”, they basically just implied that a fetus is indeed an actual living human being." Way to jump around the question. A fetus might be a living thing but unlike a living person it has no recognition of where or what it is. Really, can you be anymore of a pretentious bigot? FYI i'm not even a liberal I just think you're a dumb ass.



Okay, well you don’t need to call me names. I’m not trying to be a pretentious bigot. I’m just really really intelligent; that isn’t my fault.

You could also make the argument that a person being sentenced to death is so mentally ill that they basically have no recognition of where or who they are… obviously in a different way than a fetus, but clueless nonetheless, especially considering that they thought they could get away with killing someone. 

So what if a fetus doesn’t know where or who he or she is? Neither do new born babies. They aren’t worth less because they don’t know anything. 

Calling all criminals mentally ill is absurd, and you clearly know nothing on the death penalty because mentally ill criminals can’t be given the death penalty due to reason of insanity. They get life in prison or a mental institution. You literally care about a fetus, who doesn’t comprehend anything or feel anything more than a living, feeling, breathing human being. And if that doesn’t sum up the anti-choice movement then I don’t know what does. -Kiana

All murderers are mentally ill. If you’re killing someone, you’re obviously sick in the head… We say we don’t kill mentally ill people but, yes, technically we do.

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I’ve pretty much been horny since I figured out what boys were, which was around the age of 5.

Dude you’re so lucky; I had the opposite problem… I didn’t start feeling horny until I was like 15 and all these girls in my class were liking boys and I…

My mom didn’t marry my dad until she was 36 so it took a long time to find someone she loved… But when she found my dad, she was happier then ever!

I’m so glad your mom is happy with your dad



I’m not waiting until I’m 36 to lose my virginity. If my man doesn’t come along within the next few years, I make no guarantees.

My mom didn’t wait until she was 36 to lose her virginity (it’s creepy that I know that but she told me once when we had a sex talk) but still I’ve got mad respect for the people who manage that. It would be hard

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sexting like


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